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Bohong Group Completes the First Batch of Facilities in Phase I of Yaoda Industrial Park Project
Published:2012年05月08日  Source:Bohong Group   Views:

Following the completion of 100,000-square-meter workshop construction, the first batch in Phase I of Yaoda Industrial Park Project,Group opened a foundation-laying ceremony for the construction of a 200,000-square-meter workshop, the second batch in Phase I of the project, at 10:18 am, May 7, 2012.。

The ceremony, presided over by Ji Daishuang, Vice-secretary of CPC Yanting County Committee, was attended by Chen Chaoxian, Secretary of CPC Yanting County Committee, Lai Jun, Vice-secretary of CPC Yanting County Committee and Mayor of Yanting County, Li Zhouquan, Director of the Standing Committee of the NPC of Yanting County, Huang Jialun, Chairman of CPPCC of Yanting County, Dong Ping, President of Bohong Group, Yang Huayong, Executive Vice-president of the group, Zhang Jian and Chi Lihua, senior consultants of the group, etc.。

Dong Ping, President of Bohong Group, delivered a speech to the ceremony. In his speech, Mr. Dong pointed out that, as the key investment project of Mianyang Yaoda Holding Co., Ltd, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Bohong Group, the forging project of Yanting Yaoda Industrial Park will be completed in two phases in five years: in the first phase, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, it covers an area of 1,200mu, including a 5,000-square-meter merchants center, a 7,000-square-meter product research and development center, and 300,000-square-meter standard factory floor, leisure cultural parks, infrastructure and mechanical equipment, etc., which will be put into operation by the end of 2013; in the second phase, with a focus on industry, the project will commence in Jan. 2014 and be put into operation in Dec. 2016. Mr. Dong also expressed the determination of building the Yaoda Industrial Park into the largest auto parts forging base in Asia, and extended heartfelt thanks to CPC Yanting County Committee and Yanting County Government for great support to the Yanting project.

Lai Jun, on behalf of CPC Yanting County Committee and Yanting County Government, expressed warm congratulations on the Yaoda Industrial Park. As he pointed out, for Yanting County’s industry, it is an exciting and great event to complete the Merchants Center and the 100,000-square-meter factory space and commence the construction of the 200,000-square-meter factory in Yadao Industrial Park, symbolizing the fruitful results of friendly cooperation between CPC Yanting County Committee and Yanting County Government and Bohong Group. It has laid a solid foundation for building Yaoda Industrial Park into an industrial park with output value up to 10 billion yuan, for vigorously promoting industrial restructuring, for building Yanting County into a county with powerful industrial strength in an in-depth manner and for promoting image of Yanting in an all-round way. Soon afterwards, Chen Chaoxian, Lai Jun, Li Zhouquan, Huang Jialun and Dong Ping, etc. laid a foundation for the construction of 200,000-square-meter standard workshops, the second batch of phase I of the project. 

After the foundation laying ceremony, Chen Chaoxian, Lai Jun, Li Zhouquan, Huang Jialun, Yin Jianchuan, etc., accompanied by Dong Ping, paid a visit to the completed 100,000-square-meter standard factory and the Merchants Center. Chen Chaoxian, on behalf of Yanting County government, gave important speech for the follow-up works of the project.。

his activity was hosted by the county Party committee and county government of Yanting, jointly organized by Bohong Group and the Management Committee of Yanting Industrial Park and co-organized by the Weather Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Publicity Department and Planning Bureau. Heads from relevant authorities of Yanting County and leading executive officers from Bohong Group’s Sichuan subsidiaries were also present at the event.

Yanting Project Team: Gu Xiwen

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