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The automobile business of Bohong Group has developed into a well known enterprise in the sector of automobile marketing and service in southwest China since its founding ten years ago. By the end of 2011, the automobile business of Yaogui Holding Group had established a large-scale, standardized, diversified and systematic industrial cluster of automobile and a complete automobile service network in southwest China with more than thirty 4S shops located at Mianyang, Deyang, Guangyuan, Leshan and Meishan of Sichuan Province, Zhaotong of Yunnan Province and Hanzhong and Baoji of Shaanxi Province to operate business of marketing and service of fifteen brands like Shanghai Volkswagen, Faw-Volkswagen, Skoda of Shanghai Volkswagen, Beijing Hyundai, Buick, Nissan, Faw Mazda and Chang’an Mazda etc..
The automobile business of the Group is working hard to establish a cluster of modern automobile 4S shops with “powerful brands network, high profitability, excellent managerial team and advanced corporate culture” to achieve the goal of building itself into a large-scale automobile dealing group with high popularity and reputation in the industry. It is promoting the core business philosophy of “good faith, customer-orientation, quality first and promptly responsive service” to strive for the goal of standing out as an industrial leader of automobile service in southwest China by adhering to the core development strategy of “focusing on cost-effectiveness, relying on versatile customer managers and conforming to dealers’ manuals”.

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