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Manufacturing industry is a core business portfolio developed by the Group consisting of several automobile parts and components manufacturing and machining enterprises, including Sichuan Hengfeng Electromechanical Co. Ltd., Sichuan Mianyang Haosheng Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sichuan Bohong Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd., Guangyuan Yuxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., castings and forgings project of Dujiangyan, forging project in the Yanting Yaoda Industrial Park, Wuhan Wescast factory, Wuxi Norlong Foundry Co., Ltd., etc. engaged in the manufacturing of major automobile parts and components such as engine system, exhaust system, steering system and braking system, etc.
Committed to the mission of developing China’s casting and forging industry which is low in cost-effectiveness due to backward technology, high consumption of energy and raw materials and poor working conditions with the strength of business portfolio of manufacturing, the Group is working hard to build itself into a leader in global casting and forging industry and achieve its ultimate strategic goal of globalization in manufacturing, marketing, technology standard and service network.

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